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Hi, I am Subhashish Panigrahi, Consultant, Community and Program Support, India Program of WMF. My professional background is business development, client relations and HR consulting.
| full name = Subhashish Panigrahi
| image name = Subhashish Panigrahi cropped.png
| job title = Programme Officer
| organization = [[m:India Access To Knowledge|Access To Knowledge]], [[m:w:Centre for Internet and Society (India)|Centre for Internet and Society]]
| short quote = Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. Help us make it a reality!
| about me = I work as a Programme Officer for Community and Program Support, [[m:India Access To Knowledge|Access To Knowledge]] for [[m:w:Centre for Internet and Society (India)|Centre for Internet and Society]]. I have a background in Business development in Corporate Communications. My personal username is found [[m:User:Psubhashish|here]].
| about my work = I'm with the [[m:India Access To Knowledge|Access To Knowledge]] [[m:Access To Knowledge/Team|team]] - and we work on supporting, building and expanding the community in India.
| contact me =
* E-mail: subhashish[[File:At sign.svg|17px| at |link=]]
* English Wikipedia: [[m:en:User:Psubhashish|Psubhashish]]
* Meta: [[m:User:psubhashish|Psubhashish]]
== Details of my work ==
I will edit from my other account ([[User:Subha WMF]]) in my official capacity.
My work broadly includes providing support to community in engaging new editors and supporting [[m:India Access To Knowledge|Access To Knowledge]] in terms of managing administrative and basic finance matters.
; Provided support for:
* New editors on [[m:India Program/Pilot Designs/Social Media|social media]]
* [[m:India Program/Outreach Programs|Outreach Programs]]
* On wiki support to new editors
My work details can be found under the following headers: Community and Program Support. If you still have any further questions about my work, please write to me at subhashish[[File:At sign.svg|17px| at |link=]]