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| type = license
| image = [[Image:Microsoft wordmark.svg|100px|alt=Microsoft]]<br/><!--[[Image:Commons-emblem-legal.svg|50px]]-->[[File:Commons-emblem-restricted-permission.svg|100px|alt=Restricted|link=]]
| text = <p>'''Microsoft product screen shot, used with permission from [[Microsoft]].'''</p><p>This image is a '''[[Wikipedia:Copyrights|copyrighted]] screen shot''' of a '''commercially-released''' computer software product of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation has allowed screen shots of its commercially-released computer software products to be used in advertising, documentations, educational materials, videos and web sites as long as they are not obscene or pornographic, are not disparaging, defamatory, or libelous to Microsoft, and are not digitally altered (except for being resized).</p><p>However, the use of this screenshot in Wikipedia must comply with '''[[WP:NFCC|Wikipedia Non-free Content Criteria]] policy'''. Images that do not comply '''may be [[WP:Ffd|nominated for deletion]]'''.</p><!---