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[[File:Coat of arms of Denmark.svg|thumb|200px|]]
|+<big><big>'''.i la'o sy Denmark sy''' </big></big>
[[File:Flag of Denmark.svg|thumb|200px|lanci be la danmark.]]
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| align="center" width="140px" | [[File:Flag of Denmark.svg|125px]]
| align="center" width="140px" | [[File:Coat of arms of Denmark.svg|thumb|200px|125px]]
| align="center" width="140px" | ([[Flag of the Denmark|lanci be la .danmark.]])
| align="center" width="140px" | ([[Coat of Arms of Denmark|lanci be la .danmark.]])
| align=center colspan=2 | [[File:LocationDenmark.png|thumb|200px300px]]
ni'o la '''danmark'''. no'u la'o dy ''Kongeriget Danmark'' dy zi'e goi ko'a ropno gugde gi'e lamji lo [[dotygu'e]]