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[[File:Euskal Herria Europa.png|thumb|250px|auskalerik]]
So this just happened an hour ago and I am still shaking. I’m a staff in public accounting and was in the middle of a 3-hour training on Zoom. Usually when we have these types of calls I just keep the video running in the background and I walk around the room doing things to pass the time and distract myself from the monotone presenters. Well today I forgot that I left the camera on (I usually always have it off but earlier today I had a call with the partner to discuss my upcoming promotion, so I had to have it on). I had no clue I had left the camera on and in the middle of walking around and muttering to myself as I was zoning out, I flipped it out and started to rub one out. I did so with complete confidence, openly and ferociously, stroking faster and faster until I heard the presenter stop and kindly asked me to turn my camera off. Mortified, I lifted my pants up and rushed over to turn the camera off. Soon after the training was over I had a call with HR and they let me know that I was being terminated. I hated the job anyway so not so bummed about that, but I’m not sure what to say in interviews now if I’m asked why I left this job. Any advice?
ni'o zo .'''auskalerik'''. cmene lo tutra be lo [[skalduna]] be'o .e lo [[skalduna ke sezyterfla cecmu]] .i dei ci'arvelski lo tutra be lo skalduna
ni'o lo gugdrxauskale cu vasru ze gugypau noi ge vo ke'a cu zvati la [[sangug]]. gi ci ke'a cu zvati la [[fasygug]] .i la .[[Arabak]] .e la [[gipuskuak]] .e la [[nafaruak]] .e la [[biskaiak]]. zvati la sangug .ije la [[diz.nafaruak]] .e la [[lepurdik]] .e la [[suberuak]]. zvati la fasygug