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I would like to further suggest that, for convenience, all names (in the article title and in normal text references) should be transcribed in the Latin alphabet (which is, after all, the Lojban alphabet, as well). The article on that particular object should also provide the native spelling, if any, and the IPA pronounciation, when possible. Thus, an article on [[Mao Zedong]] would begin, "la’o zoi 毛泽东 (mɑʊ zɤdʊŋ) zoi no'u la'o zoi '''Mao Zedong''' zoi", and all other references to him would be simply "la'o zoi Mao Zedong zoi". If there is no other script to transliterate from, I think we should include the IPA, when possible, after the first mention of the name in the article. I did this in [[la'o zoi Siddhartha Gautama zoi]], which begins "la'o zoi. '''Siddhārtha Gautama''' (sid'dʱaːrtʰə 'gaʊtəmə) .zoi. ...".&mdash;[[User:Sen|sen]] <sup>([[User_talk:Sen|ko tavla]])</sup> 16:20, 5 May 2007 (UTC)
:Good idea, that makes it much easier. What about diacritics? Some (e.g. acute, grave, circumflex) should cause no problems but should more exotic letters (like ă in Bălgariya) be used in article titles and normal text references? --[[User:Danogo|Danogo]] 17:57, 5 May 2007 (UTC)