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==Article request==
'''Greetings OldakQuill'''!, Can you please help me write a stub for [http://jbo.wikipedia.org/wiki/True_Jesus_Church this article]? - which is based on the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/True_Jesus_Church English article] 2-5 lines would be sufficient enough. Your help would be appreciated (I do not know what the correct Lojban title should be)-- Regards, [[en:User:Jose77|Jose77]], {{CURRENTTIME}} {{CURRENTDAYNAME}} {{CURRENTDAY}} {{CURRENTMONTHNAMEGEN}} {{CURRENTYEAR}} (UTC)
== mediawiki-messages ==
Dear OldakQuill, greetings, I would like to ask You kindly not to translate the interface here locally ([http://jbo.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=MediaWiki:Sunday&diff=prev&oldid=22093]) but globally on [[betawiki:]] only. Because then the jbo-interface will be available in ''all'' wikimedia-foundation-projects.
I would like therefore to invite You to [[betawiki:]], please create an account there, if You would like to help us translating and request translator status at [[betawiki:Betawiki:Translators]], the status will be granted immediately.
Thank You, please feel free to contact me at my [[m:User_talk:Spacebirdy|meta-talkpage]] if You have any problems.
Best regards, --[[User:Spacebirdy|Spacebirdy]] 01:48, 16 la vomast. 2008 (UTC)