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ni'o la '''bidgu'e''' goi ko'a zi'e no'u lu ''bindo gubyseltru'' li'u no'u la'o by. ''Republik Indonesia'' by. cu snanu stuna [[zdotu'a]] gugde be'a lo sraygu'e du'a lo [[xindo braxamsi]] ne'u so'a lo xazytu'a vu'a lo me la [[pasifik. braxamsi]] ne'i lo xadzo [[plugri]] noi ke'a traji le nildaplu {{nagendra}}
== Album ==
<center><gallery caption="Indonesia" widths="180px" heights="120px" perrow="3">
File:Museum Nasional Indonesia.jpg|National Museum of Indonesia in [[Central Jakarta]]
File:Monumen nasional jakarta.jpg|[[National Monument (Indonesia)|The National Monument]]
File:Jakarta Skyline Part 2.jpg|[[Wisma 46]], Indonesia's tallest office building, located in the middle of Jakarta skyscraper.
File:Central Jakarta.JPG|Jalan Thamrin, the main avenue in Central Jakarta
File:Gambir Station Platform.jpg|A train at [[Gambir]] station in [[Central Jakarta]]
File:BungKarno-indonoob.JPG|The [[Bung Karno Stadium]] is capable of hosting 100,000 spectators
File:Indonesia 2002 CIA map.png|Map of Indonesia
File:Indonesia provinces english.png|Provinces of Indonesia
File:Jalan malioboro - Jogjakarta.JPG|Malioboro, the most famous street in Yogyakarta city
Image:transjogja.jpg|Trans Jogja Bus. A bus rapid transit system in Yogyakarta city
File:SOTO FOOD.jpg|A selection of [[Indonesian cuisine|Indonesian food]], including ''Soto Ayam'' (chicken soup), ''sate kerang'' ([[satay|shellfish kebabs]]), ''telor pindang'' (preserved eggs), ''perkedel'' (fritter), and ''es teh manis'' (sweet iced tea)
File:Indonesian Army infantryman participating in the GPOI.jpg|An Indonesian Army infantryman participating in the U.N.'s Global Peacekeeping Operation Initiative
Image:Panser side left.JPG|Pindad Panser "Anoa" shown during Indo Defense and Aerospace Expo 2008
File:Armadarilf2.jpg|Indonesian Naval vessels
Image:AURI B-25.jpg|B-25 Mitchell bombers of the AURI in the 1950s
Image:Jmnei.jpg|A [[Javanese people|Javanese]] engineer closes one of the gun bay doors on a Dutch [[Brewster Buffalo|Buffalo]], January 1942.
File:Indonesian Police Mazda6.jpg|[[Mazda6]] used by the Jakarta Metro Highway Patrol (''Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya'') as a patrol car
File:Indonesia Polisi Lancer.jpg|[[Mitsubishi Lancer]] used by Vital Object Protection of Indonesian National Police
File:ID_diesel_loco_CC_201-05_060327_4217_kta.jpg|GE U20C in [[Indonesia]], #CC201-05
File:Diesel_locomotive.JPG|GE U20C "Full-Width Cabin" in Indonesia, #CC203-22
File:ID_diesel_loco_CC_204-06_060403_2512_mri.jpg|GE U20C full computer control locomotive in Indonesia, #CC204-06
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