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== Is the nudity really necessary? ==
I don't mean the question rhetorically, or sarcastically. Is the aim of this page to be a definitive list, or as an aide to learning? In either case, I think that having a seperate page that is aimed more at the pedagogical sector might be fruitful. I know that I'm probably going to get flamed for being a prude, but I really could have lived without seeing some of the images on here. I'm not saying that they should be removed to pander to my interests; I'm not that arrogant. I just think that it might be offputting to neophytes to such images presented to them without warning. If this list exists for what I think it does, as a reference for beginners, then I hardly think having genitalia is necessary for that. I can't imagine those things would need come up in the sort of conversations that one generally has when learning a language (particularly in the case of lojban, which in not having a native speaker base, is probably not attracting people to learn it for the sake of prurient interest in another person). I'm not trying to condemn such things, that's not my business. However, imagine a case, where say, a teacher or professor might want to use the page during class for something related to lojban. He or she might not have even looked at the page beforehand assuming that things not appropriate for such a setting wouldn't be present. Situations like these could alienate otherwise interested people from the lojban community.
== Can I use a picture showing the 2nd (3rd/4th/5th) place of a gismu? ==