Hi KSFT, we have two pages about the same subject, tanzanias and tanzan, could you delate the last one tanzan? Thanks .i be'i la'o gy DARIO SEVERI gy 05:32, 21 prilio 2016 (UTC)

i doi la'o gy DARIO SEVERI gy je'e .i mi puzi vimcu la'au .tanzan. li'u poi papri .i be'i la'o gy KSFT gy 22:15, 23 prilio 2016 (UTC)


Hello, could you please translate Automatic refresh to la .lojban.? Thanks .i be'i la'o gy -XQV- gy 14:54, 11 ianvari 2017 (UTC)

-XQV-, {lonu zmiku lonu refcpa} might work, depending on the context. .i be'i la'o gy KSFT gy 17:34, 11 ianvari 2017 (UTC)


Hi KSFT! I write to you because I saw that you have translated some concept to the Lojban language. I noticed that in this Wikipedia there are several tracking categories that have articles (Species:TrackingCategories), but I did not want to create them with their names in English. Could you create the MediaWiki pages with the translation to Lojban language? Once the translations are done, it will be easy to create the categories and link them in Wikidata. This could do it yourself or tell me and I will do it with pleasure. Cheers, .i be'i la'o gy Metrónomo gy 16:20, 10 decmbero 2017 (UTC)

New articleEdit

Hi my friend.could you please make two article about united states and joseph stalin ? if yes please create this two article in your own language wikipedia.