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--[[User:Fisuaq|Fisuaq]] ([[User talk:Fisuaq|talk]]) 14:47, 12 septembero 2015 (UTC).
== mi cpedu ==
I'm not fluent in Lojban (yet), so I'm going to type this in English.
This Wikipedia is tiny, and no one seems to be active. I want to translate more articles from enwiki, get rid of the vandalism here, and make this Wikipedia more active in general. The only admin here, who is also the only bureaurat here, seems to be inactive, so I want to become an admin. I have been mostly active on enwiki, but I really want to make the Lojban one better. I need to see if anyone disagrees before making a request at meta. [[User:KSFT|KSFT]] ([[User talk:KSFT|talk]]) 11:47, 25 septembero 2015 (UTC)
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